Using the Study Topics that follows

The Physical Education: Content Knowledge test is designed to measure the knowledge and skills necessary for a beginning teacher.
This chapter is intended to help you organize your preparation for the test and to give you a clear indication of the depth and breadth of the knowledge required for success on the test.
Virtually all accredited programs address the topics covered by the test; however, you are not expected to be an expert on all aspects of the topics that follow.
You are likely to fnd that the topics below are covered by most introductory textbooks. Consult materials and resources, including lecture and laboratory notes, from all your coursework. You should be able to match up specifc topics and subtopics with what you have covered in your courses.
Try not to be overwhelmed by the volume and scope of content knowledge in this guide. Although a specifc
term may not seem familiar as you see it here, you might fnd you can understand it when applied to a real-life
situation. Many of the items on the actual test will provide you with a context to apply to these topics or terms

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